The masterplan image below shows our proposed layout for the masterplan of the site, with Brunner Road to the east and St James Street to the south. The site occupies a small portion of land which is currently occupied by the Saint James Health Centre and sits opposite the former Essex Brewery.

As you can see when comparing the below satellite image against the masterplan image, the proposed building will occupy more of the existing car park to the east and south, and create a horseshoe-shaped footprint with a new courtyard being created at the centre of the site.

There will be a new pedestrian and cycle entrance to the site from the west, coming off St James Street and linking well with the adjoining Frederic Street, as well as new on-site cycle racks installed along the new entrance. A new seating area with a protective canopy will also be installed within the new courtyard providing space for residents to relax and enjoy the green surroundings in the heart of Walthamstow.

The masterplan image above also illustrates the additional changes and new features to the site:

  1. New entrance to St James Street
  2. On site cycle racks
  3. Seating with canopy cover
  4. New node seating along Brunner Road
  5. Tree lined Street with bringing Essex Brewery paving strategy into the site
  6. Large amenity courtyard with growing areas and seating for large and small groups
  7. Paving to tie in with existing slabs
  8. Loading Bay